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Jim Hackett, Ford president and CEO this past five months, is in town to lead a revolution. In a nice way.

This is his first official visit to the UK: he's here to open Ford's new European Smart Mobility office, artfully located in the middle of a collection of technology start-ups and university satellites that have grown up in a collection of ex-Olympics buildings called Here East, near Stratford in distinctly non-leafy north-east London.

Here, Ford's brightest and best technical talents will co-operate with others in similar cells around the globe to build what Hackett likes to call ""smart cars for smart cities""�. Electrification and autonomy are most certainly on the agenda because change is Hackett's preoccupation. ""The future is not a fantasy,""� he likes to say. ""As my old football coach used to say, you get better or worse, but you don't stay the same.""�

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