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Yet another water leak!

An easy one to find this time, though the symptoms were confusing...the water leaked out half way up the tailgate sides as it was about halway open...going straight into the boot!

Two causes: Firstly the drain holes are partly blocked by little black plastic plugs with holes too small to let the water out! BIN 'EM!

Secondly the water was getting by the failed seal of the middle brake just has 'sprayed on' foam that rots!

To re-seal the cluster you need to do the following:

1/. Remove tailgate lower handle by prising the cover off and then removing two deeply recessed cross point screws. Use a magnet on your driver and you won't drop them. Those screws hold the trim in place tightly around the handle area which is actually part of the trim.

2/. Prise away the trim, it has locking studs just inboard of the outer edges. Put the trim to one side.

3/. Prise away each of the side window trims as you work upwards they will partly detach the middle window trim for all three trims to one side.

4/. Open the boot lid / tailgate fully and push the brake light will click and release...don't force it enough to stress the two wiring looms.

5/. From outside the car clean the lens and its apperture of moss and dirt. Brush away any remaining loose foam seal from the lens.

6/. Put a 'bib' of cloth under the lens and into the aperture to keep silicon sealant from the window. Seal around the lens andf pop it back into the aperture firmly. Make sure the silicon has created a full sealing bead.

7/. Replace trims in sort of reverse order, but do the window side trims BEFORE the centre one. Bang all trims home soundly.

8/. Check all rear light bulbs still function after banging trims home.

NB: this is how you would access the reversing light and high-intensity rear light bulbs should they ever fail.

I also drilled two more drain holes next to the existing ones...if you do this start with a pilot hole and then as you enlarge it make sure to turn the bit parallel to the outer door skin or you might dent it!

Seriously Ford...just how much would a proper , replaceable, rubber gasket for the lights have cost?
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