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I noticed my washers squirted about 6" above the wipers. That seems to low although I was traveling at 70. It's been too cold and snowy to think about how to adjust them.

Couple of things I did notice too. I was traveling south from Blackpool mainly on motorways so speed was usually high whilst it was snowing during the bad weather they had there. The whole front radiator area, including the number plate, driving lights and lower part of the headlights became completely covered in a black layer or hard snow. It had to be chipped off.

Also at either side of the windscreen between the point where the wipers stop when vertical and the edge of the screen, became a solid area of ice some 10mm thick. When the wipers reached that point they jumped over the ice and when returning downwards they made a loud noise as they hit the screen again which suggested they may be being damaged.

In addition to that there was an ice buildup along the edge of the wiper blade. The buildup was not uniform and it caused the blades to miss parts of the screen which then was then left with a layer of salt smearing. Even heating up the screen did not help. It was necessary to stop at a service station twice on the journey to clear the ice from the screen and wipers.

The car was delivered in October so I had assumed it had been prepared for winter. The screen wash smells nice but does nothing so it is probably not a winter version. Time to ask for a free bottle.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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