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Do I have a fault? With shuffle 'selected' or 'play all,' I am having to manually double click on the steering wheel to move to the next track. If I don't, the track is repeated. Any ideas guys?

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We need a little more information.

What sort of playback is this USB/Bluetooth or CD

Which entertainment system is fitted - there are several

From the Manual -

When in CD Mode

Repeat Compact Disc Tracks
1. Press the MENU button and select CD
2. Select REPEAT. This enables the
function to be switched on or off. The
track will replay once ended.
When an MP3 or WMA CD is playing,
options include REPEAT for the track,

For USB it says :

Media Menu Features
The media menu allows you to select how
to play your music (such as by artist, genre,
shuffle or repeat) and to find similar music
or reset the index of your USB devices.
Press AUX to select USB playback and
then Options to enter the Media

2. Scroll to cycle through and select the option 'Shufle Playlist and Repeat Tracks'

Choose to shuffle or repeat your music. Once you make
your choice, it remains on until you switch it off.
Shuffle playlist and Repeat
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