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Hi everyone, I've just got a 2013 bmax and have a query about the USB port and its ability to charge an iPhone.

I've tried charging my phone but to no avail, I've read some posts on the forum which seem to indicate a low power outage from the USB port which either say that the USB power outage is not great enough or it is charging but at such a low level that the phone isn't registering a connected power source.

I realise I could use a 12v power socket, but one is already taken up by a sat nav and I'm trying to reduce the number of cables running around the car and powering the phone from the USB port would be the cleanest option.

So, in short can the USB port charge an iPhone?, if not then why not? And if not, has anyone upgraded the USB port with an aftermarket option which is up to the job. By the way my brother has a Focus with sync and his does power his phone.

Also there is an outside chance of it being a fuse fault but I couldn't find a specific fuse for the USB port, does anyone know which fuse it uses and I can check that.

Many thanks in advance

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