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Did anyone (at all) make a smartphone (Android HTC Desire in my case) running TuneIn connect with B-Max sync ? I can of course play audio over BlueTooth, but this is just using the car as a dumb speaker system.

I can read the guide over at Ford about TuneIn and a notice over at about the same. But I do not have a command "Mobile applications" as Ford mentions. I have a UK voice that tells me I can say "Bluetooth Audio" etc.

On the other hand, I have a menu saying "Install on SYNC". But I have NO idea WHAT I can install on Sync. Nowhere is any information to be found on this.

So, is my only choice really to play as a dumb device ? In a 2013 car ? If so, I will be a little disappointed about development of Ford. Btw: when is the time coming for "And soon you'll be able to simply download them [SYNC updates] from our website onto a USB stick". All marketing speak ? Where does one get solid technical info on European Ford SYNC ?
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