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Hi All,
new member.

1st ever ford too.

So - bought a used B-Max, low mileage and I like it a lot but there are some niggles that are just winding me up.

such as:
listening to music of any kind - the info screen is so small, why does it not auto scroll like on myprevious non Fords?

the Sync feature... is there an update yet? where can I download the file from? is it worth using?

the Brakes... are yours an "on or off" system? I seem to spend a lot of time pulling steering wheel from my teeth :)

Photochromic rear view mirror - doesn't seem to work... is there an on/off switch?

other than that, look forward to hearing stories and if anyone has a top 5 or top 10 list of must do mods or tips, I am all ears.
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