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If you do not have the privacy glass installed on your BMAX, there is another option available to you which is the tinting film that you can apply directly to the window.

I found a site yesterday, that has all the tints ready cut, specifically for the BMAX vehicle, for £39.99. You just have to apply the film to each window yourself.

They also sell a 'Tint fitting kit' for an additional £6.99.

It does look fiddly to do, looking at the installation guide, however its analternativeto the £100+ of having it done in a garage. I thought the privacy glass came with the titanium, but I was wrong... so I will be looking to take an option like this myself.

Tint cut outs can be purchased here:

Tint fitting kit can be purchased here:

Step by step guide on how to apply the tint can be found here:

I have also called Motorbility, and RSA, the people that insure the cars though the motorbility scheme, and they have said, they have no issue with anyone on the scheme applying tinting film to their cars, all anyone needs to do is let them both know (motorbility + RSA Insurance ) so that their records can be updated. It will not cost youany morewith either of them. But you MUST let them know, as it could invalidate the insurance if you do not tell them about any modifications made to the car.

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