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My car will be three years old in November, due it's first MOT and I have decided to keep it.

I have done 17.7k miles in all sorts of hard driving and my tyre wear bars are showing with about 1.5mm left above them on the front and much more on the rear.

I will be driving up to and touring around West Scotland before Novemeber and will get new tyres before then. Not sure if all 4 or just two new on the front for now. I will probably seek advice from a Police mechanic who fits their tyres.

Now, the question, which tyres? How to decide? Cost? Fuel economy? Longer life? Well known make or others such as Hankook, Formula 1 'own make'?

If 20% of your fuel goes into your tyre running then maybe economy, but would you really notice a saving and offset the additional cost over 3 or less years?

Cost v longer life; is it true or false that the more you pay the more life (tyre life)?

I have had a quick look and it seems you can double the cost of cheaper tyres, say £45 to £90 per wheel. So thats an extra spend or saving of £180 possible (for 4).

For 40 years I used a Police mechanic and never queried the tyres and cost he charged. Now he has retired, I don't know his replacement or if in fact they still allow it. Hence a little checking around first.

Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.

PS. Do I get a gift? I see my points have tripped 1000!

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