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After speaking to the engineer that put my reverse sensors in the other day, he told me that most of the packs that you can buy are already in the car, they are just not turned on. Also all of the wiring for all of the packs is already in the car, just safely clipped in the general area of where they are needed.

So with this in mind, I wondered if there was software you could get to browse around within the cars brain, to see if you can find other things to turn on...

I found some Russian software called "Ff2" that requires a "Elm 327 cable" to connect it to the car.

This literally connects to the same data port as the OBD2... and gives you access to turn on and off, extras that you ..... cough... may not have paid for....

Now before you all jump on me to say "thats illigal, thats bad, grab pitch forks everyone lets get him"... I am NOT telling you to do this or get it or look into or research it... all I am saying is that all of the "PACKS" that ford offer, could just be a tick box away on a laptop.

(Source Site : FordOwnersClub.Com)

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