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You get:2 points for a new post
1 point for a reply
5 points for being thanked or having your post marked as an answer

Currently the groups are based on this system;

Newbie - Min. Points: 0

Groupie - Min. Points: 40

Senior Member - Min. Points: 100

But I will probably change that when we get more members and as the forum grows

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A ranking system that comes to mind are the 3 trims that the Bmax comes in, Studio / Zetec / Titanium.

0-50 = Studio,
51-100 = Zetec,
101-150 = Titanium,

151 onwards, as a suggestion, could we name our individual own "Ford Related" rank..

like: "Ford Sync Arguer" or "Sensor-lessParking" or "Needs a EcoBoost" etc... I am sure people have their own ideas as to a fun personal title for their own account here.

just an idea...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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