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Hi - just bought a 2016 Zetec B Max - so far very pleased - it replaced my old, but much loved Zafira.

My issue is with Sync. I've paired my phone OK and get audio from the speakers when using Google Maps. But - when I put the phone on charge via the USB it stops the sound from Google maps (via bluetooth). So I cannot charge and use Google maps at the same time?? Seems weird to me and it's highly likely I've configured something wrongly.

Advice will be much appreciated

Many thanks

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<strike>I suspect the car is seeing the phone as a usb memory device.</strike><strike>
<strike>I would get a usb charger adaptor (plug into 12v accessory socket /cigar lighter) from poundland or similar, and use that.</strike>
<strike>also this would charge the phone at a much higher rates than the fitted usb socket</strike>

edit: why did you start 2 threads with the same problem???

I shall move my reply to the other thread, as that already has other reply's

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