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Recently I lost my contact list and backup file on my Android mobile phone. (I now keep a copy on my laptop)

The only easy way to reinstate it was to sync Outlook contacts with Google. I try to keep well away from Gmail etc so was annoyed but it was a case of must do. (Unless someone knows better?)

Anyway, I did the sync. My Outlook list has hundreds of contacts from over the years and all went up to Google

I was then able to sync my phone with Google, download the file from the phone and edit it to remove those contacts I would never need on the phone. I immediately deleted all contacts from Google but have no doubt they are hidden away not deleted.

BUT, before I edited the file and replaced it, I foolishly paired with Sync and uploaded my 100's of contacts (I know, I should think first!)

I deleted the pairing and re-paired, uploading the edited Contacts thinking that would delete the old list.

Now my phone has a message permanently on it which says, "Sync, Too many Contacts deletions" every time I open any message.

I am not sure of exactly what that means, whether it is Sync complaining or my phone. Does anyone know how to remove the message? Perhaps by somehow deleting the Sync list which was not deleted when pairing?
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