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For a few months I've had an annoying knock/clunk which I could feel through the steering wheel but only at low speed and tight maneuvering.
I greased the top and bottom u/j's on the intermediate steering column with only a slight improvement.
I took the car to a main dealer who said it was the suspension top mount and nothing serious. When I got the car home, there was no play in the top mount.
By shear chance, I mentioned this to someone who had exactly the same issue with a Mondeo and it turned out to be the slider for the telescopic steering wheel.
So I greased that which took all of 15 seconds and hey presto, jobs a good 'un.
The slider can be seen with a torch by looking behind the steering wheel adjust lever. Lift the steering wheel to it's highest position and spray some grease (I used lithium grease) around the slider. Might as well grease the top/bottom u/j's as well.
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