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I have a strange issue with my 1.6 Diesel BMax (2012 build, left side steering). At random times, the radio controls on the steering wheel refuse to work. At times it's volume, other times it's station change.

All I need to do to "fix" is to use the other functions, like manually use volume, or use the steering wheel functions that do work. Then the problematic ones work again. So it's not hardware -related.

I had my Ford dealer look at it during service to reattach the glove dept.lid which fell off (!!). They could not see the error. But updated radio software anyways.

Now strangely the volume is much lower (more fine-grained steps) than before. Normal listening is now 50% max, where before it was around 10%. I don't complain about that, before the steps were too different. Just wondering about this undocumented "feature"

Any others with strange radio issues ?

(No wonder M$ was kicked out of Ford cars. I HATE sync software and radio)
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