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Accordingto Auto Express magazine....

(Source:, do not need expensive speed camera detectors on your dash board. I mean these things cost upwards of £150+ just for the device, and then on top of that, y
ou need a subscription to a service for updates etc..

Now, here's the thing, if you have a smart phone there are applications (apps) that you can download and that run in the background of the phone, monitoring your position via the phones GPS.. The App itself is free to download, and the subscription is far far less then thealternative.

Auto express has recommended the app titled : "CAMERALERT" and I have to say on using it on my IPHONE, it is really good. There is a free trial where they give you one update of the database, but if you want a year subscription to the weekly updates, it will cost you a wopping £19.99 which for what you get, I feel is a really good price.

If you have a dashboard phone mount to hold your phone when you are driving, it gives you a real time map of your journey, static cameras that are known on that route. Now, say for example you see a mobile speed camera van, you can press a button on the application, and it will update the master database, so that in the next update everyone will get told about that van.... also if you get an alert about a mobile van on your phone, but there is no actual van there anymore, you can again, with a single button, confirm or clear that camera position.

We drove around our town inNorthampton, and the database had ALL the speed cameras we presented it with, it alerted with audio and the expected speed on the phone display for the current road we were on.

So in short, for a really good bit of kit, that does not cost you the earth to use / maintain, both I and the magazine AUTO EXPRESS highly reccomend the phone application called CAMERALERT

They also have a website if you would like to take a look :
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