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A few days ago I've bought a Soliom G1 car dash camera for review which is also a budget-friendly dual-dash camera. All thanks to Soliom for innovating with the latest features at a minimal cost.

Let’s take a look at what the company has to offer in a box.

What’s in the box?
1. SOLIOM G1 Dual Dash Camera
2. G1 Dual Dash Camera User Manual
3. Suction Cup Mount
4. Car Charger
5. USB Data Cable
6. Reset PIN
7. Card Reader


How to Fix- The process is simple although you need to take care of a few essential things, when you mount the dash cam on your windshield be to assure it not blocking the view of a car driver. The next thing which you need to consider is to install in a proper angle so the camera can able to cover the appropriate angle both interior and roadside view. Soliom provides suction cup mount for installation.

Design- It comes medium in size with soft black color which is easy to hold and convenient to fix. The design has beautiful curves with true masterpiece perfectly crafted with precision. The camera comes with a 1.5-inch display which is sharp and easy to read under any conditions. Even though the chassis is small, there’s a lot of smart design here. For starters, the Soliom G1 uses an enlarged cooling pin. That extra size allows it to have about three times the heat dissipation capacity of other dash cameras.

Camera- The most interesting features which make the camera unique, it comes with dual kens camera and both record with a capacity of 1920x1080 resolutions. Both lenses can capture the video in Full HD. The front camera that points out the windshield is fixed in one position and has a 190° lens.

Microphone & Battery - The built-in microphone and speaker is pretty impressive. For a single microphone, its performance is good. It’s even pretty good at minimizing the sound of the road outside of your vehicle. But there are no special noise-canceling features. So if you’re driving a convertible down the highway, you shouldn’t be surprised if the microphone doesn’t perform any better than your smart phone. You may have noticed the G1 uses a built-in battery. It is equipped with 300mAh battery, which is supposed to last through about three years of heavy use, or around five years of more modest use.*

Storage- The G1 supports micro SD cards as large as 128GB. It helps to get cards specifically designed for dash cameras as well because they’re made to endure chronic amounts of writing and rewriting. Given that you’re shooting in Full HD; it should be no trouble to shove weeks’ worth of recordings into this high-quality camera.

What did I like?
1. Record from both ends
2. Video quality is acceptable

Needs to be improved
1. Addition to 4K could have a better video quality
2. SD card not included
3. No Wi-Fi
4. No infrared lights
5. Optional GPS

If you are looking for a reasonable car dashcam, Soliom G1 may be the best option for you in terms of performance. What are you waiting for? Soliom G1 can be a good option for your car.


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