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Today I had a software update check as part of a service carried out whilst I waited last week. I also had a new seatbelt fitted and they needed the car for a full day so don't know how long the updates took. I was given a Fiesta for the day and did not need to pay for the petrol used. The garage concerned were The Essex Auto Group.

The modules concerned were:

Front Control/Display Interface Module (FCDIM)

Current Software Version: IDS-87.03A
Current Level in Vehicle: C1BT-18B955-CD
Change to: C1BT-18B955-CF

Power Control Module (PCM)

Current Software Version: IDS-87.03A
No later calibration is available for this PCM

Body Control Module (BCMii)

Current Software Version: IDS-87.03A
No later calibration is available for this BCMii

At the service time I was told there were two updates to be done, the PCM and BCMii. However when they did the check it was found there was only one update available (FCDIM). (Maybe some need others and some don't)

I had one "Engine Management Failure" a few weeks from new and never again so I am not too concerned about the lack of a PCM update.

The FCDIM update was needed as far as I was concerned to rectify the mpg readout which would count down until I was doing 2 or 3 mpg. A reset using the stalk control would put it back to normal.

I use Sync a little and the radio never, however the update included those as well apparently.

The information above was at first declined with the comment, "It has to go to Ford". They were able to copy the documents I needed when I suggested it.

As well as the three documents relating to each module I received a copy of the Indictment relating to the Front Control/Display Interface Module (FCDIM). Those parts of the document of interest were:


Diagnostic Method: Technician

Component: Front Control/Display Interface Module (FCDIM):
Vehicles Without: Navigation System Software Level

Failure Notes confirmed fcdim software calibration required.


I was told the:

FCDIM related to all dashboard components
PCM related to engine management
BCMii related to everything not mentioned above

I am not certain of those facts as they did not come from the technician but they appear correct.

I have copies of all four documents should anyone need or is interested in having scanned copies via email. Just ask via my web site please.

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Hi MakemHave you checked ETIS as I was told that if there are any up dates they will show the current software and the latest to up date to, also there is a section in there that tells you the last time anything on the vehicle has been checked. i.e.

Mine states that the last checks for my vehicle were carried out 6 days before it was built in October 2012 !!

Therefore I assume that if the garage checks or up dates anything it should show up in this section, but not sure.

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