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I wonder how many new bmax owners take up the the 3to5year service package. I gave it fair consideration and concluded it was poor value for money. The time has arrived for first year service where I bought the car in Belfast quoted £160 this really shocked me. Here in Northern Ireland there are not many Ford retailers and most of them belong to one Company but with the help of the phone book did a little shopping.
One garage a full ford dealer so no problem with warranty on outskirts of Tandaragee (for info of N I owners) quoted £108 inc vat. A family owned business have just had service and am as pleased as can be.

But here is the real rub, have had for some time now a rattle type of sound which seemed to come from driver side doors. The supplier of car have had it in 3 times and say they were unable to locate the problem but ford advised them to replace rear shock absorber. They did but no improvement,ford said fit 2nd Shock absorber,they did guess what,no better and it was supposed to be going back in next week. So having left in in for service with my much less costly garage I mentioned the problem,the owner took it out for a run then did a very small minimum cost job and now I have quiet car again,magic!
A lot to be said for a family concern, Ford are out cost of 2 Shock absorbers and fitting cost,boy will I get some fun out of my supplier next time I am in their Showroom!!!

Happy to supply further info if anyone has a similar problem.

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