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New Ford S-MAX could do without a B pillar when it arrives in 2014 but Ford's official line is it might be too late...

Ford's innovative Easy Access door system used to such good effect on the new B-MAX, could make its way onto other MPVs in Ford's range, including the new S-MAX.

Easy Access does away with a traditional B pillar between the front and rear doors, moving the strengthening needed into the doors, roof and floor.

Sliding rear doors also feature, helping to make getting in and out of the car much easier than in cars with a traditional body structure.

B-MAX chief project engineer, Klaus-Peter Tamm told us: ""It depends on customer reaction to the doors on the B-MAX, but we could use it on other future MAVs [multi activity vehicles].

""It might be too late for the next S-MAX as that's based on the new Mondeo, and customers of that size of car would expect them to be powered, too. But it certainly could be done.""�

The new Mondeo will be launched in the UK early next year, with new S-MAX and Galaxy derivatives likely to be seen in 2014.
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