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It did take a lot of effort - and escalation of a customer service issue all the way to the Executive team (as I refused to give up), but to be honest I was at the stage whereI had told my dealer if he couldnt get me roof bars he could have the car back... since I had asked specific questions on this when I bought the car as I need them (and wouldnt have bought the car if I had been told it would take a year to get them!)!

I was informed that the bars WERE originally due to be released in January, but the original manufacturer went bust and essentially the development process had to start again from scratch, hence the delay.

The designs have been completed, testedand approved and should be available via dealers in the next few weeks (we've heard that before, but I think it might be true this time...).Everything was supplied and fitted by Ford andlooks exactly as shown in the B-Max brochure - parts involved were 2 x mouldings (to replace existing plastic strip moulding on roof and go under roof rails), 2 x roof rails & 2 x roof bars. Fitting time in total was approx 2-3 hours. Sadly, I dont know anything about pricing of the production items.

As I said, it took a lot of time and effort and arguing, but it was finally worth it!! (and no - before anyone asks, I have no connection to Ford or any dealership)

Cheers, H
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