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The BMAX is a great car, but parking it in a garage can be a problem if your garage is of a normal size.

The factory spec aerial is quite long as you can see on my photo.

You can drive in fine, but driving out is a tricky because the long aerial just catches the garage door on the way out.

For a week I was taking the aerial off before putting the car away, and that was not helpful, so I went to Halfords to find an alternative.

What I got was one of these

I found that the DAB reception is good... or just as good as the factory fitted. DAB can be prone to interference from buildings etc... So I tested this around my area, found dead spots then put the factory aerial on and I still had the same dead spots. So I think the replacement works well.

I also think it looks nicer!

If you want a Ford Brand on the aerial, then they have that too.
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