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My Raspberry Pi has been automatically backing up my two laptops for quite a while now. It needs little attention and uses negligible electric.

Well, I have just installed a newsgroup reader which is capable of downloading from the groups covering a wide range of subjects from movies to cooking recipes!

I have been using newsgroups for longer than I care to remember but always needed to leave a computer or server online to get the longer!!!!

I wonder if anyone knows about newsgroups, another half of the internet most people never dream exists. Some internet service providers (IPS), give free access to their news servers (Virgin do), and all it needs is to set up a free news reader and begin to see just what is out there for free.

My little pi runs 24/7 unattended and downloads what I request without me watching. That means I can go to bed without having to leave a computer online.

One great boon is that I can control and add a download from anywhere in the world where I have access to the internet.

A free newsgroup reader:

On the Pi I use:

Because it is 'light weight' and free for my little Pi.

There is a lot of reading there but with a little guidance you can have it up and running very quickly.

If you take the plunge, I am sure you will wonder why you didn't find out about this service years ago.

Should you decide you want more than your ISP allows you to see, then for a small sum you can obtain that which they hide or which they don't keep for long.

For example:

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