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This is the instructions (thanks to SuperSinky

Ford B-Max_Changing a rear brake light or indicator bulb

The printed AND the PDF version of the B-Max owner's manual are wrong and bear no resemblance to how to change the blown bulb. [ Page 165 on the PDF version ] Even the image of the trim is completely wrong. Here are the step by step instructions.
Find the section of the interior trim in the boot that is at the same height as the rear light cluster. It is small, only about 5 inches by 5 inches, and has a faint X to insert your finger and PULL it away from the rear of the car towards the seats.
Reach in to locate the (long) plastic WING NUT; this was very tight on my B-Max, but I did manage to release it. Unscrew the long wing nut completely, and be careful as the complete light cluster comes away from the car !!
Pull out the white electrical connecter (the plug), and the light cluster is free.
Turn the light cluster upside down; and you have to remove the 4 pozi-drive / cross head screws to remove the bulb holder.
Replace the blown bulb, and reverse the above steps to replace the light cluster. Job done !!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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