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I finally collected my B-MAX 1.0L 120 PS yesterday.

I had been concerned about the available power having driven a 1.4 Zetec with two 'normal' people and one overweight person (the rep lol), and noticing that it seemed a little under powered.

Coming from a Celica T Sport of nearly 200bhp, it was not surprising that I felt this but when the rep. said I should use second gear up a slight hill and I said, "I am already in second gear!", I wondered.

When I drove the car home I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was much quicker off the mark that I expected. It was positively raring to go, even with 3 up (all normal lol). Very very surprising for a little 3 pot engine, Obviously the turbos make a big difference.

Having read the manual I was surprised to note that when putting the parking brake on, you should not press the release button. I was Police taught and if we made that horrible noise when applying the brake, we had to by the next round of tea. Is the button connected in some way electrically to the system? I think not, in which case, why that note?
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