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I have a 63 plate Powershift which has done 13k miles and has back to the dealership so many times since last September that I have lost count in an attempt to cure a gearbox judder problem - so far nothing has been replaced but different software upgrades have been applied each time - the problem still exists and I have been in touch with the Ford UK Customer Relationship Department for several weeks but they dont seem able to get any conclusive information from the dealership either.Finally some weeks a go Ford UK agreed that the clutch unit should be replaced - deep joy !! - not exactly the service manager confirmed that as over 55% of Powershifts have this problem there is a waiting list of several weeks - again many calls to Customer Relations confirmed that the new clutch had been delivered but they could not confirm to whom so that would urgently order another one - two weeks later and they still cannot give me an ETA of the second replacement unit.
I have been so patient and yet still no resolution after some 10 months
Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I can do escalate my problem - I asked to speak to the Customer Relations manager last week and was told that he/she would call me yesterday but all I got was a voice mail message from the case handler saying that her manager had prioritised the second order and she will call me tomorrow as they still have an ETA.
I am really at the end of my tether and all I want to do is to be able to drive a car that feels like an 18 month old car and not like an "Arthur Daley" 10 year old special !!!
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