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Just got a 2015 B-MAX 1.0 Liter 125 PS for my wife (it has 3 month warranty).

Great car apart from I think there is an issue with the thermostat.

My wife has complained that she couldn't get it warm also I noticed that the blobs on the temperature gauge don't seem to come on. I have seen a number of comments on line about the temperature gauge saying that these don't work so don't worry.

Any way to dig deeper I got out my OBD2 scan tool and investigated. It seems if I driving around town the temperature it just manages to get above 50degC if I thrash it and at that point the lower blob on the temperature gauge comes on. I had to then sit on the drive for about 15-20 minutes to get it up to 80degC and I get the 4 lower blobs come on the temperature gauge. (So that seems to work on our vehicle to some degree). I then drove it down the dual carriageway and the temperature went down below 50degC.

The last think I am going to do when the vehicle is cold is check the coolant and the air temperature and see if they line up.

So a couple of questions
  • I read there is more than one thermostats on the engine is this correct ? If so what is the difference
  • Any one know what the opening temperature for the thermostat should be (I am assuming circa 90degC) ?
  • Any thing else I should check before ringing up the garage ?
I am also assuming that this is not terminal but should be fixed reasonably quickly as I am assuming that it will be over fueling to compensate for the cooler engine.

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