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Here is a link for a video.
It shows a left hand drive version of the b-max, just work on the opposite side shown.
And yep, it's an easy job.

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Anyone know how to replace the pollen filter. Is it easy?
Hi Willow,
I have recently replaced the pollen filter on my right hand drive 2012, 1.0Ltr EcoBoost B-Max Titanium, and it was not an easy job !!.
I am aware there are fitting differences between the different model versions.
To access mine I had to first remove the righthand central tunnel panel (1 screw), then there were 4 screws holding an oblong shaped panel right up towards the front side of the tunnel (need to lie in onto the floor of the drivers floor to see all the screws), having removed the screws and the panel you can then just see the one edge of the filter, which you should be able to pull out, unfortunately my car has a metal bracket and 2 pipes in the way, I had to tug and squash the filter to get it out.
The replacement was even more difficult, it needs to be squashed and manipulated to get it back in.
One important note, the filter should have an arrow on indicating the direction of air flow, this arrow must point towards the rear of the vehicle when fitted.
I purchased an original filter from a Ford dealer and it was quite stiff and did not lend itself to being bent and squashed, which was necessary to get it into the pigeon hole.
I latter found that these original types are fitted when the car is being assembled and that a lot of the aftermarket types are much softer and therefore lend themselves to being twisted and manipulated to get it into the housing.
As I said I know there are differences, yours may be quite easy, I can only relate my experience, but if yours is the same as mine you will also need to be quite supple to be able to complete the job.
Good luck.

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