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Hi, My ‘64 Bmax is displaying the engine light and having had the car in with several garages have found it is a P0302 error (cylinder 2 misfire). I have had coil replaced, spark plugs, leads, but no joy. Garages are at loss as to what to do next, suggesting it could be a software issue (needing EMU replacement) or other major work which would be uneconomic to do. Also get the feeling they are guessing which does not give confidence any proposed works would solve issue. Has anyone else has this issue and any ways to resolve? Attached image from OBD output. Thanks in advance.

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You may have already read this ---

There are several causes why p0302 occurs. We list a few things that might’ve happened, leading to this misfire.
  • Worn spark plugs
  • Large vacuum leak
  • Worn spark plug wires or coils
  • Faulty fuel injector
  • Clogged EGR ports
  • The trouble with the fuel delivery system
  • Low fuel pressure
  • Fuel with poor quality
How to Diagnose CODE p0302
First of all, you should avoid mistakes in diagnosis such as overlooking loose-fitting electrical connectors. Also, you should pay attention to disconnected vacuum hoses.
These steps should help you in getting an accurate diagnosis.
  • Look for loose connectors at the engine coils.
  • Look for damaged wiring.
  • Look for loose engine ground wires and tighten what’s necessary.
  • Check your vehicle’s spark plugs and spark plug wires.
  • Remove the cylinder 2 coil and swap it with any other cylinder.
  • Check if the misfire changed to the other cylinder.
  • Replace the faulty coil when confirmed.
  • Do the same with your cylinder 2 spark plug. Replace it when confirmed.
  • If all of the above is working as required, check your fuel system.
  • Check the fuel pressure to determine the engine is getting the right amount of fuel.
  • Make sure that fuel injectors are working properly. Replace if faulty or clogged.
  • If all the above is working properly, run an engine compression test and cylinder leak-down test.
Other Mechanical Problems
You might find out another reason for the misfire.
Aparrently this error is considered a serious one because if it is left unresolved it can lead to permanent engine damage.
I would start with the easiest things first as in the above list, but i would also swap the coil pack from no2 cylinder to another cylinder and see if the error ruturns to the cylinder you moved it to or if it "stays put" but clear the error code first or you will be none the wiser.
Thanks, unfortunately I think I have tried all the easy options, now need to decide what to do...
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