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Briefly, both my friend and myself own B-Max's and have both experienced
the same ""˜event', my friend on at least two occasions. Having unlocked the car
with the key, inserted the key into the ignition and switched to the ""˜on'
position and the clutch pedal to the floor, absolutely no lights appear on the
dashboard nor the clock/info display, and of course the engine will not turn
over even after several attempts. In my own case, a little under 10 minutes
later the displays came on of their own accord and allowed me to start the car with no problems since. I did, however, have to reset the clock as all power was
starved from the system.

Has anyone experienced the same problem or have any idea what may have caused this and what should be
done to avoid it happening in the future? My local Ford dealer simply stated
that it ""could be any number of reasons""� and that I should contact the Ford/AA
breakdown service. Thank you in anticipation.
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