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2012 Zetec 1.6 Auto
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Hello Everyone !
First time posting here.
I currently own a 62 plate 1.6 auto, purchased used in 2016 with extremely low mileage and I have loved this little car.
However, as it hit 18000 miles, just before first lockdown, it has developed the 'judder'(and intermittent seatbelt warning chimes).
As a Disabled driver, I need my vehicle to be totally reliable, so am now in the market for a 'new' used car and as
I have seen from previous threads that the permanent fix for this known fault is the 2017 Clutch pack, would I be correct to assume that later models(2017 onwards) would have this Clutch pack fitted as standard?
Other than this juddering fault I really love the B max !

Any advice much appreciated, thanks for reading.
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