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Ownership observations (first weekend). Titanium 1 litre 100 eps
collected Friday.

I Like the higher driving position than the Fiesta, (I am a 65 year
old grumbly).

Driver Arm rest a bit too high but worth having (fitted on Titanium
Seat belts in the driver seat take some getting used to but it does mean they do not get trapped when you close the door.

The Reversing camera is better than expected especially with all the
sensors (front and rear), front parking sensors do not work until
you reverse so be careful initially on "nose in" parking. There are
choices on selecting camera guidance lines which is not obvious and
there are no instructions in the manual. the camera does not switch
on when driving other than during the parking manoeuvre or when

i have spine damage and cannot twist in the seat when reversing so
it helps a lot.

i wish Ford would have a different headlight dip arrangement with
lever up for beam up, and down for beam down, you always have to
click up to change from one to the other which is less instinctive
but at least it will be the same as my wife's fiesta.

Headlights seem better than the Fiesta.

A bit annoying that the rear seal belts easily get caught behind the
seat back.

Rear view mirror does not suffer from headlamp glare from behind. I
am not sure if this is the auto dip feature as I have only done one
night trip.

Doors seem to need quite a slam to close, not a "VW golf" click......

Heater blower fan is quieter than the Fiesta

I use a Garmin sat nav and I am glad it is not that wide (4 inch) as
there are no real options other than a windscreen mount except
putting it in front of the information screen which cuts the view of the information screen for the passenger, mounted as far left
as the flat base allows. The sticky pads on Sat Nav bases do not
stick to the fascia even the heavy duty permanent one.

The rear seats are not reallygood for 3 on a long journey.
Perhaps a child on a booster and 2 adults. the rear seat base is 2
inches narrower than the Fiesta but the cabin is wider so passengers
might have to sit further over to the door to make room.

Overall quieter than the Fiesta even allowing for ours being a

Could not complain about the price of £15295 though as the camera
was £600 extra and metailc paint too. this included a £1000 credit deposit allowancebut as i did
not need it I can pay it off after the first month anyway so credit
charges will be insignificant.
Overall very pleased with the carI did pay extra for 3 years servicing which is £11 a month but service costs are at least £160 even in the first year

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My report -

My boot still takes 2 or 3 slams to close (been to dealer twice - still not fixed)

Headlights very poor (dont know what your fiesta's was like) but my old civic ten times better.

Ride - lovely,handleswell as most Fords do these days.

Fuelconsumption- NOT WITHIN 20 MPG OF FORDSCLAIMEDFIGURES.DON'TBE FOOLED BY THEM. That said 37 - 48 is ok for the 1.0 (120)

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Had my Studio for three weeks now - oh how green I am with those who have the Ecoboost/Titanium but had my 'sensible' hat on when I bought it
anyway all in all am very pleased. The one thing I miss is the heated windscreen having had one for many years. Being cynical I think Ford are cutting back too far on the lowest Model and it may back fire. In general everything is working now. I had a problem with near side back window that continued to go up and down of its own accord. Just as I was going to returntothe garage it sorted itself and has been fine ever since. I also thought I had a problem with the heater
but I had it on recycle and wondered why I couldn't get any fresh air
I got winter tyres put on and on another thread I saw someone say they were waiting for their steel wheel nuts. Do you need different wheel nuts for winter tyres? Just wondered. I assume the garage would have done the right thing. Having put the grandson's child seat in the back I think the doors are a real bonus, so much room to locate it and fix the belts, great. I had a Fusion before and the seating is as good thank goodness as I can't sit in some cars having spinal osteoporosis - comes with age you know
of course if I win the lottery I will upgrade to the top of the range
yeah I know, pigs might fly!

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Nice report,
But It's not just the lower models they are cutting back on, let's face it, a lot of the Titanium refinement should be virtually a given in this day and age, even then, lack of an engine temperaturegauge, rear of seat stowage and standard rubber mats are just penny pinching, we pay
enough for the things, now it looks like I will have to wait to get mine back from accident repair because the spares aren't organised. Apart from that, as a fellow back sufferer, but not as serious as yours, I find access very good, and endorse your comments regarding the child's seat.

I'm sure somebody will comment further on the wheelnuts for you.


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