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Hi again,

So - car delivered nearly two weeks ago and I'm enjoying driving it to and from work.

I've now done just over 1k so thought I'd post back on how I'm finding it so far.

Not very pokey at the moment (I have heard that the engine management system takes it easy on a new car but that may be an old wife's tale...). Still, shouldn't expect too much from a 1.4 when I've been used to a 1.9 diesel. Does fine for me.

Niggles? Nothing with the car itself. I like having DAB, Bluetooth etc (I only have the basic SYNC - not a fancy colour screen or anything).

Bluetooth works pretty well. Had to change my music player on my android device to Google Play in order to get the Artist name to show on the screen but that's okay.

My niggle is the screen itself. I'm reasonably tall (6') but, because of the 'overhang' over the screen, I've found it impossible to see the clock fully no matter which driving position I take up as the clock is squeezed into the top right corner of the display and obscured by what I presume is a sun shade for the display.

I'm also irritate that Ford deemed it necessary to take up half of the screen space with the logo! What a waste of space!

This means there's not enough room to show the full Artist and Title text of the song I'm listening to.

Could do with a redesign and software update there, methinks.

But this is a very minor niggle. On the whole I'm extremely happy with the ride, comfort and fuel usage.


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