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The all new Ford B-MAX will reduce the risk of low speed accidents thanks to the introduction of Fords low speed collision avoidance system ""˜Active City Stop'. The system monitors traffic ahead and applies the brakes if it detects a collision with a vehicle in front is imminent. In tests the system is proven to prevent collisions at speeds up to 10mph, and reduce the severity of impacts at speeds as high as 18mph. The system was awarded an Advanced reward by Euro NCAP in 2011.

Joerg Beyer, Ford Vehicle Line Director said ""we believe B-MAX is the perfect vehicles for 21st century city driving, features such as Active City Stop are new to this sector. These technologies, coupled with B-MAX's compact chassis, and tight turning circle supported by carefully tuned electronic power-assisted steering, enable B-MAX to be far greater prepared for the demands of even the most congested city.""�

Other helpful technologies on the Ford B-MAX include: Ford's Hill Launch Assist which stops the car rolling back during hill starts or when parking on a slope and a rear-view camera, which helps the driver to manoeuvre in small spaces and park in tight spots.
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