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Collected new new white car today.
It is the 1.0zetec 120 (maybe 125PS)

Drove the equivalent engine in Focus about 3 weeks ago and wife felt unwell.

Very sunny day and salesman in back would not stop talking.

Tried the BMax at other dealer and wife was happier (it is her car)

The brochure describes car as 120PS but current pricelist calls it 125PS (like Focus)

anyway it is certainly nippy.

Intend getting sparewheel kit - our other car is Mazda2 which is vey similar to Fiesta so I may see if the spacesaver on it fits.

Car was supplied with cup of petrol and fumes (only 17miles till empty)

I put in only 20 litres as I had tesco coupon at home which I will use later in week.

On a different note, I seem to need a couple of back-arrows to get back to other topics on this forum - is this my setup or do others have the same.

SMcG in Glasgow

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