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Hello guys,

I recently bought a 2013 Ford B-Max, 1.0 EcoBoost 100hp with 42k miles on it.
I purchased it from a family member, so the car is in mint condition.
I like and enjoy how it drives, its easy and friendly.

I can say that the 100hp is pretty enough, but i'm thinking of to remap it.
Is somebody who remapped his 100 ps B-Max? I'm sure that the car drives totally different, the power comes better and pulls a little bit harder.
But, the only thing is that little 3 cylinder engine.. how reliable is after remap?

What about the cambelt change? It's okay to change it at around 100k miles or even before?

Least but not last: i heard a few times, at a low speed corner, especially when i turn right some noises at the door (like a crack). What can be?

Many thanks, have a nice day.


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Hi, welcome to the forum.
Firstly, asking the same question three times will not get you a faster reply.
Secondly, if you like the way the car drives why would you want to remap it ?
Thirdly, if you do remap it, then it will make changes to your car insurance and possibly the emissions.
I say leave it as it is, as you say it's a lovely car to drive and has enough power, why try and repair something that isn't broken ?
Only other viable option is to part exchange it for one of the higher BHP models.
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