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So, had the BMAX 1 week.
My initial impression: mostly quite positive. Actually still happy to get in and drive away.

Good : nice high seating position. Very easy to drive. Super sound from stereo. Sliding doors nice when parking in tight spaces. Sync commands and automatic stuff is nice.

Not so good:
<ul>[*]Stereo: there are many points where it's real limited. I would have loved some more technical things, and there are some annoyances.[*]The front passenger seat has no seat pocket or table for backseat passengers[*]the front doors have large pockets, I constantly scrape my foot against them and make them dirty[*]Why can't I control the RADIO with the voice commands "FM channel 9" ?[*]The 1.6diesel is real slow in 1st gear.
[*]No BlueMotion with stops of engine at red lights.[/list]

Time will tell how economical it really is.. will try to track this.
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