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Sorry if this has been covered already!

Got my lovely 1.6TDCI titanium back at last, a great job done by the bodyshop, apart from the deflation warning light coming in, shortly after leaving the bodyshop.I pulled in and checked all pressures, all okay. Still on this A.M., but had a look through the menus on the info display, found that you have to reset it to remember the present pressures, did so, light is out...

Not for non-tech-heads
I did speak to the manager of bodyshop, in common with a lot of these vehicles that are fitted with this sort of engine management, any disconnection of sensors will throw a "fault" condition, (they had the wing off) as I said in another thread, there is virtual data line running through nearly all the electrical sensors and components so the PCM/ECU knows who's there and working, this might be worth bearing in mind if you disconnect anything.
Luckily, I was able to reset this myself, some will need diagnostic equipment intervention. I'm not sure this menu is in the handbook, I will check.


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