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Hi there, any help appreciated here.

I'm driving a B-Max 1.0 litre EcoBoost 2013. This issue has been getting gradually worse and has resulted in 2 breakdowns over the past few weeks.

Basically every now and again I'll lose all spring in the clutch so it sticks to the floor and I can't change gear.

Sometimes I can get it into first (with difficulty) but it stalls after a few seconds.

Other than that I can't get the car into any other gear when the engine is running (can change gears when the engine is off).

Also...possibly related...when the weather is wet I have issues with the stability control warning light coming on when changing gears (usually 1st into 2nd), it feels like the car is skating on ice for a few seconds and the gears chugging/clanging. Very weird. It's definitely something seperate to the ABS kicking in. Sometimes I feel like I lose control of the steering for a second or two (it usually pulls me to the right hand side).

I've explained this to my local garage, but they're unsure, just saying it's probably either the master or slave cylinder that needs replacing. I've been told it's most likely the slave cylinder and recommended to replace the whole clutch as it won't cost much more. Unfortunately the AA guy pumped the clutch so he could park the car so it works all fine again (albeit temporarily), so the garage are a bit clueless. They've test drove it, and of course it worked ok wiithout issues and can't see any physical issues as yet (they'll have a closer look next week).

Has anybody here had any similar issues with their B-Max? At this point I feel I'm faced with the expensive dilemma of just replacing the slave cylinder/clutch and hoping for the best.

Many thanks.

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the clutch one suggests a failing master cylinder

for very similar symptoms
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