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Hello I am new to this forum. I have a Ford B-Max Zetec Automatic 15 reg. On Saturday whilst driving home along a dark country lane near to where I live a saloon style car towing a trailer overtook me and broke the back and lens of the O/S wing mirror. I wondered if anyone could kindly give me some advice on fitting the replacement back and lens that I bought from Ford today. I will also have to pop down to the local car parts shop and buy a new bulb. The dealership will charge me about 100 pounds (sorry the iPad keyboard doesn't have a pound sign) to fit these for me the wing mirror back and indicator lens cost me 96 pounds as the back comes painted to match my car.

I spoke to the insurers today but the problem is that the mobile unit from Nationwide Crash Repair aren't able to come to me until later next week. I need to get the wing mirror fixed because I have to attend a conference in Warwick on Saturday and I am in Hampshire I also have a seminar next week (I am an academic) and my eye test appointment and I believe that driving with a broken indicator is illegal so as I have the parts I may as well fix the wing mirror myself but would like some advice on how to do this.

Thank you in advance
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