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Im new to this site.

just wondered if anybody knows how hard it is to change the carpet in a B Max?

my wife come home yesterday in sheer panic and when I went to look at the car, yes..... she had managed to go round a corner and spill 5 litres of paint in the front passenger footwell and back footwell (5 litres is a lot of paint)

to say I was angry is a understatement.... that's a different story!!! i managed to soak up the paint and get some out, however the carpet is a right off, totally ruined. I tried a rug doctor but no good.

Iphoned Ford and they gave me a quote over the phone - £150 for the carpet...... £500-£600 labour!!

I'm thinking about doing it myself - the seats need to come out.. but my main concern is how do I get the door trim off, it looks like the carpet goes underneath and then the trim is glued over the top?

Any suggetions? does anyone know a Ford mechanic who could shead some light in to how difficult of a job this would be?

Many thanks

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