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Hello Guys,

My name is Joel and I am new to the car parts industry.

I work for Euro Car Parts on the eCommerce team.

A few weeks ago I was working in a completely different industry from the one I'm in now.

I know the basics of cars and am very eager to learn from you all and of course help out with parts, promotions etc as much as possible. After all this is a community.

Concerning the DISCOUNT CODES

If you want to purchase any item from let me know on the group.

Please send your registration number or item code so I can create a custom discount code for you.

I can provide a discount code of up to 25%.

Codes provided will give you up to 25% off ALL car parts online.

Simply enter the promo code when prompted in the checkout and it will add the discount from all applicable items.

However if you can't find your item you can call 02034740500, email [email protected] or send a Fb Message .
Hope this helps

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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