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Hiya all.

My brothers 14 plate 1.6 auto is having some issues with the heater blower. It basically doesn’t work despite the lights being on.

So far the cabin filter has been changed, the resistor and the blower motor, still not working. The fuses and relays have all been checked and are ok.
My mate at his garage yesterday applied power to the yellow and green wire on the motor and it powered up at full speed then stopped when power was removed.
The heater controls appear to work as far as all the lights can turned off on the controls and once you turn the knob from 0 to 1 etc they light up, turn it to 4 and the temp one to cold etc and the AC comes on, this leads me to think the controls are not the issue.
Anyone had anything similar? This is now getting crazy after the main parts have been replaced.


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as always be careful with car electrics, use a sensible meter/conductor to test, and try to use a fuse, or current limiter.
- more bluntly, if you are not completely confident, don't try - and even then think twice!

you say if you supply the green/yellow wire directly, it works. - does it work with each fan speed?

if it does, then you need to test: supply (feed) the other end of that green/yellow wire in the fuse box. (I think pin 5 of the relay...)
and test it like that.
if it does work, then its before the relay stage.
if it does NOT work, I would check under the fuse box/ battery area for chaffed cables.
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