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Hello there
New to the forum, have the same problem with the wife's car. Driver side would not come on, only the passenger side did. It was working a couple of weeks ago.
I took off the 2 fuses (40A rating), visually checked them and also put a ohm meter across them in-case of a high resistance joint with the fuse, both where fine. These are fuse 9 and fuse 10 (engine compartment).
Then I checked both relays, R10 & R10 underneath the glove box. Took them out and applied 12v to the relay (pin 1 & 2) to see if it clicked, they both clicked. Also check the resistance whilst energised to check the contacts that carry the load. Both where OK, zero ohms.
A couple of weeks ago I updated the SYNC 1 software for the car, I wonder if this has something to do with the drivers side not coming on, software bug perhaps. Not sure if the firmware update has anything to do with the climate control?

Why would the power management switch only one side on and leave the other off, particular for the drivers side (If this was the problem).
Will have to check if both relays kick in when the engine is running, too cold in the garage tonight (four degrees)

Any thoughts
Regards :smile::smile::smile:
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