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I had my 1.00 Ecoboost serviced at Fords who found the flexi tube and catalyst would require replacing at a cost of £729.

I decided to try and find a cheaper deal elsewhere as is my right. I took the car to a well-known local dealer yesterday.

When the car was up on the ramp the mechanic called me over to show me the gearbox bush would need replacing and furthermore replacing the catalyst without first replacing the bush would be pointless as the flexi tube would likely detach again because of the excessive movement from the gearbox, which he said was possibly the cause of the flexi detaching in the first place. I could clearly see movement in the gearbox housing.

He also pointed out the rear axle bushes would require replacing, again he showed me ssome play. He advised me that on both counts these bushes would be an MOT failure and went on to say this should have been picked up at the service.

I am taking the vehicle back to Ford tomorrow having aired my grievances on the phone. I cannot believe Ford have missed this, or is my other mechanic being a little overzealous.
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