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This maybe should go in jokes page.
I have only put fuel in twice and I know I was getting low tonight on way to airport.

I put in 30 litres at Morrisons (pay at pump) and drove off.

I was surprised to see that digital fuel gauge was only registering 1/2 full.

I then thought I must have only put in 3 litres.

at the lights I looked at receipt and paid for 30L.

Thinking I had been tricked, I thought I would go back and complain.

Fortunately on way to airport I realised that the gauge under odometer is temp gauge and fuel gauge is at bottom showing a healthy level.

I drive a motorbike lots of the time and the fuel gauge in them are generally digital blocks.

Thats my excuse.

At least I did not go back and then look stupid.

SMcG in Glasgow getting ready for rain to come.
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