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Ford has opened up the innovative sliding doors of its all-new Fiesta-based Ford B-Max for the first glimpse of the new baby MPV's interior. The new model will make its public debut at the Geneva motor show next month.

The rear sliding doors ""“ called Easy Access Door System by Ford - in a car of its size are made possible by incorporating the B-pillars into the doors themselves. This creates an opening into the car as wide as 1.5 metres. The B-Max's main rival, the Vauxhall Meriva, can only offer access as wide as 0.7 metres with its rear-hinged ""˜FlexDoors'.

The rear doors are partly constructed from ultra high-strength steels, which are up to five times stronger than conventional steels. While being stronger and stiffer, they also offer no weight penalty.
Ford says the interior takes advantage of this extra space by incorporating a series of new features. The rear seats and the front passenger seat can be folded completely flat to create a large load platform. Items up to 2.3 metres in length can be loaded into the B-Max through the side doors.

Ford of Europe's exterior design chief Stefan Lamm describes the rear doors as ""a designer's dream""�. He added: ""We set ourselves the challenge of reimagining the small car. People are struggling with the spatial challenges of city driving and we wanted to find a new solution.

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