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Now then fellow BMax owners. I have just replied to a thread and thought the information I found out whilst at the dealers was worth sharing with you all. If you have the Sat Nav in your BMax anyway.
To put it in short. If you want the latest version of Sat Nav for your BMax, they can cross refernce the part number with the one that is currently on sale. The current one is the same part number as my 15 plated BMax, which the storeman said is about right as he believes an update to Ford maps happens every 3 years or so, So he is guessing (strongly guessing) that there is a new card due to be released very soon. At a cost of around £230 for the card, which isn't updateable meaning you have to buy a new card...
EVEN BETTER NEWS THOUGH. Most BMAXes are compatible with the TOM TOM SD Card... Now, he couldn't be sure of the version or date of the TOM TOM Card, but what he did tell me is that the TOM TOM Card is around the £80+vat
The only other thing I am not sure of as he wouldn't/couldn't answer me, is that if you buy a card from elsewhere, whether it would work or not.
I do also know that TOM TOM do not allow for updates to be applied to their cards like they do to their Sat Nav Devices.
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