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Hi everybody!

May be someone have already met this problem or heared about it.

When the engine is turned OFF and I'm switching ON A/C everything works as should be.
A/C works, it is blowing and everything is fine.

When the engine is ON and I'm switching ON A/C, the fan in the engine start working either.
As I read previously, I guess somewhere at this forum - it is fine.
The same told me the local dealer. - This car have only one fan, not two as other models - one for the engine and the second for the A/C, so when the A/C works at B-Max the only fan will work always.

But after some time, the fan starts to work faster and harder. Doesn't matter which temp is outside.
I will say this could be OK when the outside temp is above 25-30C, but today it was only 4C.

I checked the coolant, it has normal temp, so it is not the problem with the cooling system.
The local dealer can't find any problem. They also checked the car for the errors and there is nothing.

Is it really OK or how can I solve this problem?
This hard working fan is really annoying and seems to me not being normal thing.


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My local independent air-con specialist told me that the fan will run to cool the aircon system because it's generating heat, with the fan running even after you switch the engine off. It's not cooling the air.

It is best to leave the air con switch (I ) turned ON all year. The switch controls an electromagnetic clutch on the compressor, and it's that clutch sticking that causes most air con systems to stop working on most cars.
Also best to find an independent air con specialist who knows the difference between a system being full of compressed air and a system with coolant gas.



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