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Driving at 60mph the engine became 'lumpy' (as if one cylinder was not firing) and lost power. An engine malfunction was indicated and suggested immediate service.

I made it to a lay-by, let the engine cool down and restarted the engine. It ran as normal and did so until I reached home.

I checked the management fault log but it was empty. This was the first time I had used my free OBDII module in anger. In future I will keep it in the car.

I phoned my local service agent who use 'reception' ladies and when I described the fault was told to call Ford Assist to have the car taken to them and they may look at it the following day. I suggested I drive it but was told they could not comment on that as they would become liable.

I phoned another service agent (further away), who use men with 'knowledge' rather than receptionists and was told I could drive it for the remainder of the week and take it to them in four days. If another problem occurred during that time I should call Ford Assist.

I have previously had a false engine management warning whilst leaving that particular service centre, so, coupled with the fact that no fault was recorded this time, I decided to take their advice and drive the car.

The following day I took it by appointment to the first service centre who did not find a fault and they repeated what the second service centre had said. The receptionist said it must have been a 'blip'!

It would appear that if you restart the engine and no fault is reported you can drive the car. I did worry if the engine stopped whilst driving, steering control would be lost because it is electric. However, it is run from the battery. Have you noticed how it is impossible to move the steering wheel with the engine stopped?

I think 'receptionists' who are pretty and always toying with their hair, form a barrier between the knowledgeable customer and the technicians, a totally different experience from where you discuss with people who have knowledge and where the technicians are easily accessible.

I think, although the second service centre is further away by some 10 miles, I will use them in future.

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